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Changes to first aid pitchside - REMINDER

We are issuing this reminder to the Membership following the change in process which went live last year and was advised by newsletter at that time.

Following advice from the provider of our first aid training we have changed the setup at the pitch slightly. 

Firstly there is a new communal first aid bag in the store (see photo above).  This has been restocked today and will be checked weekly.  Should stocks be low there is also an overflow stock in the old black first aid bag which is on the top shelf in the store.  A box of ice packs is also held in the store for topping up as required

The second change is that to ensure a quicker response the defibrillator, which was previously stored in the pump house, is now in the secure zipped bottom compartment of the new bag.  There is a notice is on the board in the dugout advising this plus the Club’s emergency guidelines have been rewritten to show the change – these are on the noticeboard in the Clubhouse and are also available via the Club Policies page on the website

Peter Symonds
Club Cecretary
Author - psym
Date - 10/11/19


With Christmas approaching it seems a good time to issue this update as a reminder of this great system to raise funds for the Club merely through following a few extra clicks when you make online purchases.  

The point to remember, as well, is that you do not have to be a Club member to help so you can engage friends and family as well.  When you join there is also an option to "refer a friend" by sending on this link and for that we receive an additional £5 for each one!:

Refer a friend

Remember it is easy to follow, you buy what you were going to buy, just with a few extra clicks and the Club then receive a donation.  From those 36 members, who already contribute, thank you very much,  you have raised a splendid  £1518 so far.  For those who  aren't aware your help would be much apprreciated and remember -  it's really "easy".

We  have details on the Club website which explain how it all works and in addition here is a link to our Club page at easyfundraising itself.  We have some major initiatives underway as you know, increasing the coaching develoment across the Club and our prioject for new facilities to name but 2, which require significant funding and monies raised here would be of great help towards any of them.

Thanks in advance!

Peter Symonds
Club Secretary
Author - psym
Date - 10/11/19

Captain Derek Oakley

Sports-mad Royal Marine who was the first to land at Suez and always kept his cricket whites and bat with him ‘just in case’

For those who didn't see it an in depth obituary in The Times on Thursday 31st October:


Author - psym
Date - 01/11/19

Akuma kit update

A couple of biuts of news:

  • The stock of Home socks in sizes Small,  Medium & Large has been replenished in the Clubhouse.
  • For those wanting to order gear for Christmas please note that the order deadlines are now up in the Shop

  • One of the new items, a zipped hoodie requires a minimum order number of 5.  If anyone is interested in this item please contact Peter Symonds who is happy to collate an order for the group on the basis he'd like to order one himself!

Nigel Guppy
Kit Manager
Author - ngup
Date - 13/10/19

Thank You Pitch Crew

I just wanted to say thank you for the unsung work that goes on to keep our pitch in such a good state and one of the best around, particularly as many members may not be aware this work goes on.  Every Wednesday come rain or shine a small group comes to the pitch to:

  • Clean the toilets & sweep the changing rooms (made somewhat more difficult this week since our cleaning materials had walked and we had to replace before we could clean!)
  • Empty the waste bins
  • Regularly go round with weedkiller on the pitch surrounds
  • Run algi treatment through the water system to help keep it at bay
  • Regulate the water cannons as needed
  • Carry out general maintenance as necessary (ie removal of grafitti from the dugouts)
  • Repair the fence when we have break ins - gladly somewhat less frequent of late
  • Jetwash the pitch & surrounds to clear algi etc as necessary

Without their hard work our facilities would NOT be kept in good order, without their hard work we could end up like this!!

My thanks to all.  If anyone else is free between 9.00 - 10.30 on a Wednesday, some weeks, you would be most welcome.

Barry Bradley 
Facilities Director

Author - bbra
Date - 09/10/19