Havant Hockey Club - A brief history

The actual date that Havant Hockey Club came into existence, isn't known for certain, but we were certainly up and running in 1907. Our research suggests that Havant Hockey Club took to the field at least two seasons earlier, and therefore 2004/5 was our centenary year. Our home ground, Havant Park, was originally named The Recreation Ground, and in 1905, we were the proud tenants of an almost new pavilion, which we shared with Havant Cricket Club, Havant Rovers F.C, The Lawn Tennis Club, Athletics, and even Bowls.

In the early twenties transport was difficult, but gradually away fixtures grew to an ever widening number of opponents. Our first oversees visit was to a tournament in Paris, just prior to the outbreak of World war two in 1939 but we don't believe there is a connection!

During the war years with petrol rationing, travel was not encouraged. However Douglas Dowsing and Roy Clarke made an amalgamation with Chichester Hockey Club and fixtures were arranged with many military establishments in the war ravaged Solent area. Just like the famous Windmill Theatre in London, Havant Hockey Club never closed during the war.

As the club approached the fifties the club went from strength to strength fielding five sides and other grounds had to be found. Our ladies section was formed in the early fifties and a mixed hockey team in the mid sixties. In the late fifties, Peter Pugsley who died in April 2016, introduced a Sunday social side, "The Scavengers" who played hockey at quite a high level, including games against some of the aforementioned London League clubs. They played in a combination of black and orange, and selected players from across the club, only to falter when league hockey also found Sunday a convenient day to arrange fixtures.

The 1960s & 70s saw a large expansion of the club. Havant won their first National League title in 1974. In the 1990s Havant became one of the best known clubs in the country, when they were National League Champions again, three times in four years, hosting the B Division of the European Cup, and representing England in the European Cup A Division twice in Spain, and once in Holland.

Mini hockey was introduced to Havant, one of the first clubs to do so in England, and to this day we still have a thriving youth section, which can claim two hundred and fifty members. Many past juniors have gone on to represent this club at first team level.

In 1998 the club installed a state of the art Water Based ATP that meets FIH international standards.

In summary, the emphasis at Havant is on maintaining a strong active and friendly club that invests in the future both in terms of facilities as well as young players.