Mobile Apps

We will be launching a number of lightweight apps to help communications and administration within the club.

1. COVID Tracker App

Under the COVID guidelines all participants are required to register with England Hockey and then record their presence at each hockey session.

To make the administration of this easy we have developed a simple tracking app.

The 1 minute introduction (iOS) .. Android is very similar.. see further details below.

How do I register with England Hockey ?

Use the following link and fill out the form.   LINK

How do I then get the tracking app ?

Method 1 Enter  into  your phone browser.

Method 2. Use the QR code at the bottom of this page... point your camera at the code and it will take you to the link

Method 3. Use the same QR code that will be posted on the noticeboard at the pitch.

Method 4. The app includes the QR code. Just capture it from someone else's phone (socially distanced of course) 

How do I then store the app on my phone as an icon? 

Press the "share" icon   at the bottom of the screen and then choose the "Add to Home Screen" option. Close the browser and open the app from the home screen.


Chrome Browser: Press the "3 dots"  button at the top right of the screen and choose the "Add to Home Screen" option.  Close the browser and open the app from the home screen.

Samsung Browser: Unfortunately the Samsung Browser doesn't work! The app will recognise the Samsung Browser and tell you how to copy the link into Chrome. 

How do I use the App ?

The first time the app is launched you will be asked to identify your phone

HHC Member:

Choose the Member option and e nter either participant's shortcode, your email address or your mobile number. The app will then remember you on your phone.


Choose the Guest option and enter the participant's name and mobile number. The app will then remember you on your phone.

Thats the setup done....  it's now very simple.....

Each time, simply open the Tracker App on your phone, select the session you are at, and then press the Attendance button. This will record that you are an attendee.

Other Information

For parents of members, it will also setup your children at the same time so you can use the app on their behalf.

If someone has forgotten their phone, someone else can record their attendance for them.

The app also shows who else is currently registered at the session.

QR Code to download HHC Tracker

QR Code for EH Participant Registration form