Playing Kit

Club Playing Kit

Club Playing Kit is ordered online direct from Akuma.

To order kit Login to the website and select the shop icon. If you are ordering a playing shirt you will be advised how to get your shirt number allocated to you if you don't already have one.

Remember - the Home socks are bespoke to us and so are ONLY available from the Cubhouse at a cost of £10 per pair.

For any further information required on the Akuma offering please contact Club Kit Manager, Nigel Guppy  at .  If teams are considering any tours and would like to look at seperate kit for that, again Nigel can advise of the options available

Other Merchandise


Club umbrellas can be purchased from the Clubhouse bar when open

Cost £20


The Club tie is made in silk and can be purchased from the Clubhouse bar, when open, and also from Director of Finance, Stuart Rowe.

Cost £10

Bow Tie

Club bow ties can be purchased from Clive Lloyd, or telephone 02392 247924

Cost £6

Water Bottle

Bottles are 1 litre capacity and can be purchased from the Clubhouse bar when open.


Cost £5

Chamois Grip

Avialble from Peter Symonds ( )

Cost £7


Avialable from Clubhouse.

Cost £1

Air Freshener

Available from Clubhouse.

Cost £1

Coming Soon

Watch this space for more..