Who’s In?

The scheme includes major brands such as Amazon, M&S, John Lewis, Tesco (not
groceries), HMV and Novatech. It also includes services such as Sky, uSwitch and Egg. 

We all like our holidays, I know and it’s worth noting that many Flight Companies such as BMIBaby (who fly from Southampton) British Airways, easyjet,  Super Break and Thompson Flights are included. If you are travelling anywhere (whether business or pleasure) you could raise some big amounts for Havant at no extra cost to yourself, just by booking through  easyFundraising.org.uk

How Does It Work?

Firstly you will need to register a profile with easyfundraising then when there is something you want to buy simply go through to the retailer you require, the system will link your purchase back and raise money for us.
To make life easier you can download a donations reminder which will link into your toolbar and give you a prompt when you visit your chosen retailer site, this can also increase the rate of the return to us (sometimes by x5).  For smartphones and tablets you can download the easyfundraising app and buy through that.

Please note:  Do not disable your cookies when using this. The system never looks at your information, but needs it to identify a Havant buyer!

Once you've registered there is a friends & family referral opportunity you could use.  For every person you recommend who starts using the system we will receive another £1 – believe us it all helps!!!!


• Buy clothing or any non-food items from M&S and the club will get 5% back.

• Take out a Capital One credit card via the shop and the club will get £23.

• Sign up for Sky and the club will get £50!