Hockey Camps

This year we will be organising a number of youth development hockey camps aimed at different ages and abilities.

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Examples of past camps

Game play and skill based course appealling to young players of all standards. Open to all members and non members.

Performance Camp - Ages 14+ 

This is a two day course is aimed at skill development for aspiring players aged 14 and above.
It will be particularly valuable for  those who have got a place at the Performance centres starting January
Nick Hoare is available and will be GK coaching on the 20th.
We seem to have s real lack in goal scoring and o this will certainly be a feature.
Contact - Alex Leach Mob: 07930 828161 Email: 
Venue - Havant College 
Dates - 20/12/16 to 21/12/16 
Time - 10:00 to 15:00 

Charge - £70.00       or £40 per day