Welcome to the Junior Section 2018 - 2019

Everything in life has a beginning. The Hockey international representing Great Britain in the Olympics had first to pick up a stick, and he or she had to decide that it provided enough fun to want to pick it up again - and again - and again! The aims of the Junior section are simple, but lie at the heart of all that is done.  

Our Mission Statement

"To be a fully inclusive junior section offering high quality coaching within a safe, fun, rewarding and appropriately challenging environment, supporting all players to become the best they can be both as an individual and within the team, as well as encouraging very close involvement of all parents in seeking to promote and to improve the opportunities and experiences that can be offered by Havant Hockey club"

The Club has an enormous amount to be proud of and the Junior Section is the portal through which a huge number of members join, thereby beginning very long connections with the Club. Therefore, it has always been seen to be vital that the very youngest member of Havant should learn what is expected. Opponents should be well-entertained and should enjoy playing against us. Also on the pitch they should be given every respect as we set out to beat them as well as we can. Havant has one of the largest junior sections in the country; currently there are more than 200 members from 6 to 18 years old, but size is not everything. We aim to ensure the continuity of top-quality Hockey for all members.

Honours Board

2017-18     Under 18 Boys      National Final - Runners Up Tier 2
2016-17     Under 16 Boys      National Finals - 4th Place

2015-16     Under 16 Boys      National Finals
2014-15     Under 14 Boys      National Finals  
2013-14     Under 16 Boys      National Finals  
2012-13     Under 18 Boys      National Indoor Finalists
2012-13     Under 16 Boys      National Indoor Finalist  
2012-13     Under 14 Boys      National Finals Runners-up  
2011-12     Under 18 Boys      National Indoor Runners-up
2011-12     Under 16 Boys      National Indoor Champions  
2010-11     Under 16 Boys      National Indoor Finalists
2004-05     Under 16  Boys     National Indoor Champions  
2003-04     Under 15  Boys     National Semi-finalists  
2000-01     Under 18  Boys     National Champions  
1999-00     Under 16  Boys     National Finals Runners-up 

International Selection

Most recent internationals.  England unless otherwise stated.

 2019   Harry Croft-Baker Under 18
2018   Louis Wrenn Under 18
2017   Jemma Woods Under 16
    Louis Wrenn Under 16
2016   Ethan Hoddle Under 16
2015   Laurie Bowden Under 18
    Tomek Bruml Under 16
2014   Oliver Nail Under 18
    Tomek Bruml Under 16
2013   Oliver Nail Under 18
    Charlie Stubbings Under 18
    Laurie Bowden Under 16
    Joseph Brown Under 16
    Anna Reynolds Under 16
2012   Daniel Faulkner Under 18
    Sam Hatherley Under 18
    Ben Mackey Under 18
    Charlie Stubbings Under 18
    Rebecca Van Berkel Under 18
    Oliver Nail Under 16
2011   Daniel Faulkner Under 18
    Sam Hatherley Under 18
    Ben Mackey Under 18
    Rebecca Van Berkel Under 18
    Oliver Nail Under 16
    Charlie Stubbings Under 16

Player Pathway

Topic Three

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National Finalists


2018/ 2019 Season

Junior Contacts    

 Captain:    James Mead

Tel: 07929 727019


Junior Secretary:      Helen Watson

Tel:  07765 287407


Youth Talent Programme Director:   Alex Leach

Tel: 07930 828161


Treasurer & Membership Secretary   : Sara Lasrado

Tel: 07769 210845


Team Managers

Under 18 Boys 

Craig Stevens 07710 883658


Under 18 Girls 

Nicky Wright 07807 077316


Under 16 Boys  

Alan Walton 07703 531369


Under 16 Girls 

Peter Oliver  07836  299345


Under 14 Boys 

Michelle Waktare     07917 135508


Under 14 Girls 

Nick Martin 07952 590048


Under 12 Boys 

Martin Farrer 07977 599579


U12 Girls 



Minis (Under 8 and Under10 Mixed)

Neil Letchford 07932 746174


minis blog 


Sessions for the 2018 / 2019 season begin from the week of Monday 3rd September and will all be held at Havant College.  Goalkeeper training will commence from Friday 28th September.

Day Team(s) Times
Monday U 14 Boys & Girls 6:00 - 7:30PM
Tuesday U16 & U18 Girls 6:00 - 7:30PM
Wednesday U16 Boys 6:00 - 7:30PM
Thursday U18 Boys 6:00 - 8:00PM
Friday U12 Boys & Girls 6:00 - 7:30PM  
Goalkeeper training 7:30 - 9:00PM  
Sunday Minis 9:00 - 11:00AM