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Akuma kit update

A couple of biuts of news:

  • The stock of Home socks in sizes Small,  Medium & Large has been replenished in the Clubhouse.
  • For those wanting to order gear for Christmas please note that the order deadlines are now up in the Shop

  • One of the new items, a zipped hoodie requires a minimum order number of 5.  If anyone is interested in this item please contact Peter Symonds who is happy to collate an order for the group on the basis he'd like to order one himself!

Nigel Guppy
Kit Manager
Author - ngup
Date - 13/10/19

Thank You Pitch Crew

I just wanted to say thank you for the unsung work that goes on to keep our pitch in such a good state and one of the best around, particularly as many members may not be aware this work goes on.  Every Wednesday come rain or shine a small group comes to the pitch to:

  • Clean the toilets & sweep the changing rooms (made somewhat more difficult this week since our cleaning materials had walked and we had to replace before we could clean!)
  • Empty the waste bins
  • Regularly go round with weedkiller on the pitch surrounds
  • Run algi treatment through the water system to help keep it at bay
  • Regulate the water cannons as needed
  • Carry out general maintenance as necessary (ie removal of grafitti from the dugouts)
  • Repair the fence when we have break ins - gladly somewhat less frequent of late
  • Jetwash the pitch & surrounds to clear algi etc as necessary

Without their hard work our facilities would NOT be kept in good order, without their hard work we could end up like this!!

My thanks to all.  If anyone else is free between 9.00 - 10.30 on a Wednesday, some weeks, you would be most welcome.

Barry Bradley 
Facilities Director

Author - bbra
Date - 09/10/19

Join The Pride

Follow the link for details on ticket purchase for the Olympic Qualifiers.

Ticket purchase
Author - psym
Date - 06/10/19

Umpires courses

We have been advised  by EH that Level 1 Umpire Award Courses currently available include:




Woolmer Hill Sports AssociationGround, Haslemere, Surrey GU27 1QA

Sunday 3 November

09.00 – 16.00 hrs

Sherborne School, Dorset DT9 3EZ

Sunday 10 November

09.00 – 16.30 hrs

In case you haven’t heard, the HockeyHub is now the ‘go to’ place to book coaching and umpiring Courses/Workshops and access FREE online resources.


You can find a list of all events here.

Each event listed details how many places are still available to book and how many days until bookings close.  Clicking on the event will take you to the HockeyHub registration page where you login (if you are already a HockeyHub user) or register as a new user (REGISTRATION IS FREE and gives you access to lots of coaching, umpiring and teaching resources).  Once logged in you will have the full course/workshop information on the booking page.

If you are consdiering booking onto a course please talk to Peter Creed, our Umpires Director, so that he is aware and can discuss with you.

Author - psym
Date - 01/10/19

Akuma kit

Our club kit web site has now been operating for a year and the new kit is finding its way across more teams. All teams and players are required to convert to the new playing shirts by the end of this coming season.

You can reach the kit shop in two ways:
  • Via the shop option on your personal dashboard in the Club website
  • Externally via this login - (Password HAVANTHC)

There are some new items added this year which are pictured below and if anyone has any requirements for anything additional, please let me know.  You will remember that our Club Home socks are bespoke to us and therefore do not appear on the site and can be purchased from the clubhouse, this season we have also launched a new bespoke Away sock, also pictured below.  Cost for both types is £10.00 per pair.

Please remember the club policy is for each member to have their own allocated shirt number individually owned. Numbers can be chosen via each member's Club log in details and no number can be allocated twice. If you have any problems, please let me know. The only divergence allowed away from allocated numbers is for a team to achieve sponsorship (involving Tim Clark our Commercial Director) and only if the shirt set is collected in at the end of each game. This is to avoid (on a strict basis) any team taking to the pitch with duplicate numbers owing to these shirts being released into general circulation. Team Captains are responsible for ensuring no team takes to the pitch with any duplicate numbers.

Thank you and have a good season.


Author - psym
Date - 05/09/19