The Patrons scheme has been developed to allow individuals to contribute to the development of the Club through providing financial support which is used mainly by the Junior Section to support the vital work that coaches play in the development of players and the Coaching in the Community Programme which introduces boys and girls from state schools to the enjoyment of playing hockey.

Patrons 2019 / 2020

Alan Baker

David Bartlett

Marcus Blake

Barry Bradley

Jenny Bulled Davies

Jackie Butt

Andy Cairns

Derek Callam

Sharman Callam

Bruce Christie

June Christie

Gwynedd Davies

Jack Davies

Owen Davies

Pam Dryden

Paul Dryden

Rob Duffy

Peter Evans

David Faulkner

Andrew Ferrand

Colin Gordon

Joyce Gordon

Andrew Grant

Greg Harmer

Alec Heygate

Nick Holladay

Robin Johns

James Kenroy

Glyn Knaresborough

Gavin Lane

Clive Lloyd

Sheila Lonsdale

Nigel Maile

John Mansell

Paul Marks

Iris Mitchell

Geoff Newbold

Moni Nijkar

Nij Nijkar

John Osborn

Graham Oakley

Geoffrey Palmer

Roger Palmer

Michael Payne

Chris Pickett

Howard Pollard

David Prideaux

Stuart Rowe

Mike Sellis

Michael Stringer

Peter Symonds

Patrick Szell

Peter Taylor

Gillie Twine

Nick Twine