Thanks to all our friends and sponsors..

Havant Hockey Club would like to express a heartfelt thank you to all those people and organisations who are supporting us. This enables us to extend and improve sporting opportunities, both within the club and in the community.



Club Patrons 2017-18

Mr M. Adams

Mrs. C. Allberry  

Mr. A. Baker

Mr. M. Bargent  

Mr. D. Bartlett

Mrs. P. van Berkel

Mr. B. Bradley

Mrs. J. Bulled Davies  

Mr. C. Bullimore  

Mrs. J. Butt

Mr. D. Callam

Mrs. S. Callam

Mrs. B. Clyma

Mr. R. Cook  

Dr. J. Cummins

Mr. J. Davey

Mrs. G. Davies

Mr. P. Davies

Mr W. J. Davies

Mr. S. Downham  

Mr. J. Drury

Mr. B. English

Mr. R. Gilliatt

Ms. J. Gordon  

Mr. A. Grant

Mrs. H. Harrison  

Mr. C. Herbert

Mr. A. Heygate  

Mrs. D. Hinton

Ms. D. Humphris  

Mr R Johns

Mr. W. Jones  

Mr. R. Knight

Mr. B. Laly

Mr. R. Laly (Rav)

Mr. S. Lawson  

Mr. C. Lloyd  

Mrs. I. Mitchell

Mr. P. Nail  

Mr. R. Palmer

Mr. C Pickett  

Mr. S. Rowe

Mr. I. Smith  

Mr. M. Stringer

Mr. P. Symonds  

Mrs. G. Taylor  

Mr. P. Taylor  

Mr. G. Twine

Mr. D. Whittle  

Mr. G. Woods  

Mrs. L. Woods