26/10/14 : Boys Under 14 B vs Fleet & Ewshot

Away -


Lost 0 - 1

Under 14


Fleet & Ewshot 1 Havant B team 0




Havant finally played their first B team fixture of the season and showed many positive signs despite ultimately going down by the only goal of the match.


Havant were able to dominate much of the first half, playing mainly down the left side, with Jamie, Freddie and Ollie combining particularly well. We were busy in midfield, keeping a lot of possession and the backline remained strong with Tristram under little pressure.


Half time 0-0, 4 changes in personnel and message to use more width, (including the right side) and to keep their number 95 tracked. Jon asked for high energy for the first 20 and to push them back just like the first 20 minutes. This we did and we camped for long periods in their half. Callum got on the ball more and more, but with people eager to score, we crept in off the flanks too much, in amongst their good defending.


Even Michael Sturt (Morgan’s dad) talked of frustration, as we adopted the ‘Arsenal’ way, trying to walk the ball into the goal. However Fleet provided the crisp hit needed, on the break from the edge of the D. Tristram stood no chance, from their only real big shot on goal.


Our energy levels remained high, we pushed them back and back, but ultimately just failed to break them down.



Confident display

Good, short passing


Positive to the end


Lessons to learn/for future coaching sessions

Work on quick clipping in the ‘D’

Transferring ball across the pitch (and quickly) to open up new angles

Keep the width when attacking, especially in midfield areas, to bring wingers into play

Don’t be afraid to shoot


Coach Keynes


MOTM – Freddie-Most assured display to date in a Havant shirt