22/03/18 : Mens 1 vs Fareham

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Lost 2 - 3

For the second time this season Fareham edged out Havant by a single goal in the league after having the best of the first half and Havant the second.

Havant took the lead in the 7th minute from their first penalty corner. A worked routine provided Matt Cox with an opportunity to shoot on goal; the shot lobbed up in the air off a defender and went over George Harris in the Fareham goal to give Havant an early lead.
Fareham unshaken from this early set back struck back two minutes later from their first penalty corner when Niall Stott's shot from the top of the circle was saved by Chris Bristow but the rebound went straight back to Stott, who neatly converted the second attempt. This set back for Havant worsened a minute later when Fareham's George Davey converted an open play opportunity to put Fareham in front. 
The remainder of the half was goalless, but there were chances with Fareham moving forward and with purpose on every opportunity. Fareham seemed a shade quicker than Havant and although Havant got some control of the game towards the end of the half, Fareham deserved their lead at the interval.
It was clear Havant had to play with more intensity in the second half if they were to have any chance, but within seconds and straight from the start Fareham had stretched their lead after ex Havant forward Will Jones converted a three touch move, that caught a Havant defence napping. 
Despite the start it was a much better half for Havant who had longer periods on the ball, but in the early stages they were unable to penetrate a Fareham defence who were well marshalled by Harris in goal. Havant had a good spell in the last third of the game winning three penalty corners. The first was well saved by Harris down low to his left, the second was not stopped at the top of the circle and it was from the third that Ethan Hoddle deflected the ball into the Fareham goal after a well worked routine in the 61st minute.
Niall Stott picked up a yellow card with 9 minutes remaining on the clock and the numerical advantage allowed Havant to push Sam Hatherley forward leaving three at the back. Maciej Janiszewski won a penalty corner with five minutes left, but again this was not stopped.  From the resulting 23 yard hit Mike Deller-Merricks created a turnover and ran into the circle. He lifted the ball over a diving Harris which was stopped from going in the goal by a defenders body and after the umpires consulted a penalty stroke was awarded.
Maciej Janiszewski stepped up to level the score, but uncharacteristically put the flick just wide of the goal. Havant had a final chance to level the score winning a penalty corner in the last minute of the game, but disappointingly the ball was not stopped once more at the top of the circle and Fareham claimed all three points.


Matt Cox 1
Ethan Hoddle 1