30/03/19 : Ladies 3A vs Trojans 4

Away - Trojans Club


Won 1 - 0


So the it all came down to the last day, who would win the league, the 3As or the 3s. The 3As had to draw or win otherwise the 3s would take the title on goal difference, and nobody wanted that!

A final game against Trojans was never going to be easy as the last 2 games ended 0-0.  It was a hot day cool and the atmosphere was electric, if a times a little tense. Burnie was over excited but had made a promise to Sandy not to venture beyond the half line, injuries occur when this happens. True to her word Burnie, Sandy, Jane and Lucy H all stayed within their defending 25 yd line. This was largely due to Trojans domiating the game for the first 20 mins. A run of short corners really got the nerves jangling , but the defenders remained strong and stable with Pav swatting away any shots on target.

A tactical change befoer half time saw Jane and Lucy H advance further forward to support the midfield and forwards. This proved fruitful as it put Trojans on the backfoot and the 3as grew in confidence.

The key to winning games and the league is consistency, tenacity and doggedness never to lose. The 3As weren't going to throw it all away now. They all dug deep, Sophie and Molly were like terriers, closing down the opposition and then driving forward. Fran, Sue North, Mrs Harrison and Ali played like the Flying Scotsman, all speed and endurance. Taylor and Sharpy posed a threat wheneve they had the ball and without it, though to be fair this was probably the potential for a foul.

The break through came from a short corner. This was routine 18.58, but sharp as a tack, Sophie pounced on the ball as it came to her on the right, with superb strike of the ball she sent it was the 'keeper. The crowd roared, the team cheered and Troajns challenged the decision, but it stood and Havant had the lead.

The final score was 1-0 to Havant laughing

A big thank you to everyone who has supported us during the season, your positive voices from the side spurred us on. To those players from other teams who helped us out and were part of the momentum. Bully- who cheered us on and provided expert tactical nouse, we would have preferrd to have had you playing and hope the collar bone continues to repair, see you for next season!

And finally...a HUGE THANKS to Gordon for his neutral umpiring, dry wit, faith but more importantly the short corner routines...yes we can all learn new tricks...eventually!


Sophie Oliver 1

Player of the Match

Alison Locke


Sharon Sims