30/03/19 : Ladies 4 vs Basingstoke 5

Home - Havant College


Lost 0 - 5

The last game of the season saw us playing at home against top of the division Basingstoke. We were prepared for a tough match and we were right to be. Within the first five minutes Basingstoke scored twice. Not quite the game plan Captain Megs had in mind. Three further goals were scored before half time making the half term score line 5-0 in Basingstoke’s favour. Needless to say, the half time talk consisted of a few stern words from the skipper. And it worked.

Despite the temperatures rising, Basingstokes tally of goals did not. Izzy made some outstanding saves using every part of her body and to our pride her skills were commended by the opposition`s captain. Everyone ran their socks off and some great tackles were made. We were determined to hold our own until the very end. Man of the match went to Izzy and looking after the donkey over the summer will be Helen, who developed a special attachment to her mask during the game.  

After a season of many firsts, today was a ‘last’. That is Jo’slast game. Jo will now be concentrating on umpiring,therefore a few words are required;

There was a young girl called Jo. She thought she had nowhere to go but a hockey ball came and showed her the way. Mid-fielding was too much of a muddle, striking was too much of a struggle, but a dependable defender she became. But now our dear Jo has gone to the land were her only companion will be a whistle. Jo, we will miss you, we know you will sneak back for the occasional guest appearance, but it will not be quite the same.

Now as we sign off from the winter season we are looking forward to a bit of breather (and putting the deep heat away), before the start of summer hockey. We hope you all enjoy the break!