26/09/20 : Ladies 3 vs Basingstoke 4

Away - Down Grange P1


Lost 1 - 4

Tough start to the season

It was a difficult first half to watch with an almost brand-new Havant 3s side playing against a well-drilled, quick Basingstoke team. Despite some good clearances from Carole, we allowed too many attackers loose in the D which led to Basingstoke scoring 3 goals in the first half. After a firm talking to at half time, we starting moving the ball down the sides of the pitch rather than trying to force it through the middle. Megan F was particularly tenacious and some good work from our new juniors led to Poppy's first goal for the ladies' section. We conceded another goal, then in the final 20 mins Bambi shifted back into defence for the first time and Kat dared to get back on the pitch following a back injury, and the game suddenly changed. Baskingstoke were not ready for Bambi's speed in defence and we started to gain possession back and had several scoring opportunities. Sadly we couldn't quite convert, with a final score of 4-1.

Lots to build on, and with regular training this could be a promising squad.



Poppy Kilpatrick 1

Player of the Match

Natalie Dutka-Bowskill