03/10/20 : Ladies 3 vs Havant 4

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Drew 2 - 2

A fair result with a brand new team

It was the match we'd all been waiting for - the local Derby vs our friends the Havant Ladies 4s. 

We stepped out a brand new team, ready to take on what we knew would be a solid, well-organised, calm side. Having not played together before, it took us a while to find our feet and learn that you simply can't run into the likes of Bully! Vicar forgot she was playing hockey and stopped the ball with her foot in the D, awarding the 4s a P flick. Unfortunatley, Kerrie was no match for Sue Taylor who had done this a thousand times before and swept the ball into the top left corner of the goal. 

Although despondant, we soon began to get into the groove with some beautiful play between our juniors attacking the goal. But the 4s excellent at intercepting; we knew it would take something special to get past them. Then, Poppy fired a bouncing ball sraight across the D, all the defenders missed, and Lola picked it and banged it into the goal!

1-1 at half time, and we were starting to gel. Everyone worked their socks off and there were some nice moments of passing and attempts on the goal by Lucy. After a lapse in defence we conceded again, and this really riled us up. We listened to each other, pushed the ball wide and high, our young forwards picked it up and passed it across the goal again to Lola who was waiting again, she scored!

We finished the match on a draw which was a fair result. Player goes to Bambi again for her utter determination, skills, and ability to play absolutely anywhere on the pitch. 

A promising second game of the season. 


Lola Day 2

Player of the Match

Natalie Dutka-Bowskill