03/10/20 : Ladies 4 vs Havant 3

Away - Havant College


Drew 2 - 2

Burnie's Bubble at the ready

Havant Ladies 4th Team – Match Report Saturday 3rd October 2020 v Havant Ladies 3’s: 2-2


The second match of the league and the weather was out in all its glory.  As the team gathered at the college for our inspirational talk from the captain for our home game, no wait, our away match, as the opposition was Havant 3’s! So we stepped on the pitch, vision in white ready to battle.  Positions in the league meant there was everything to prove.

The 4’s started strong and showed their experience and pushed into D but couldn’t quite make any of the shots count. A couple of short corners but still no success, then finally another short.  Slipped to Sandy then hit to Rambo on the post and a flurry on the line resulting in a penalty flick which of course was put away by Captain Sue Taylor.  The rain eased of but the desire to get back in to the game by the 3’s did not and the scores were even by half time.

After another inspirational pep talk the second half started well, pressure applied and a second goal by Ali meant the 4’s were back in the lead. Legs did get tired and even with extra pasta the night before and some team members even abstained from their usual Friday night tipple it was not quite enough. Even the presence of the News reporter didn’t help boost performance to the 3’s managing to make it square again with only 3 minutes to go.

A fair result in the end and a good one for the club, looking forward to the rematch when the 4’s get to be the green goddesses they truly should be.

Player of the match Ali Locke (she’s on a roll, second week in a row!). Well played everyone


Alison Locke 1
Sue Taylor 1

Player of the Match

Alison Locke