10/10/20 : Ladies 4 vs Romsey 2

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Won 3 - 0

The bubble blitzes Romsey as Sandy is the meat in a Rambo sandwich!

Another week, another bubble and another game. Some things remain the same but this week the bubble bagged 3 points.

Romsey can be tough opposition but the bubble were focused and determined to go top of league for a few hours!

Today was Rambo's birthday and we allk hoped she was score, indeed she did. Her first goal came from a well worked short corner. With no Taylor or Sharpy, the left slip op[tion was on the cards. The team didn't disappoint as Sandy took control of the ball from Bully and passed the ball to Rambo who had sprinted along the backline to defelct the ball beyond the defender, 1-0.

With further encouragement from the sidelines by 2 little bears in onsies, no not Jack and Megan, but Little Pips, the bubble was bouyed to extend their lead. This time Sandy got in on the action to bludgeon the ball into the back of the net.

The defence were troublede a little bit in the second half as Romsey mounted a surge to reign in the 4s. Jane, Lucy, Bully and Louisey (resplendent in the number 7 shirt) provided a solid block that was never breached. Izzy kept a clean sheet by marshalling the troops.

Rambo's 2nd goal came a result of Sue North pegging it down the left, transferring the ball to Bully who pivoted the attack to Fran on the right. Fran cut inside with support from Ali who set up Rambo for a neat sliced shot into the goal.


And sometimes pictures say more than words!


Helen Harrison 2
Sandra Broad 1

Player of the Match

Helen Harrison


Isabel Freemantle