17/10/20 : Ladies 4 vs Wimborne Wayfarers 2

Away - Queen Elizabeth L.C. Wimborne


Lost 0 - 2

Burnie's Bubble---who said what after first defeat...????

This was the team's first loss of the season, which was a shame given the long journey West to Wimborne, The Wayfarers are a wily old team who just had the cutting edge in the D to make all the difference.


After the first loss this season and for a while............Who Said What?

1) "well *****, that was a ****ing disaster"

2) "what was the score?"

3) "My my we didn't play well at all"

4) "who was marking their No 10?"

5) "get your feet round..."

6) "where's Molly?"


A) Izzy

B) Jane

C) Taylor

D) Broady

E) Rambo)

F) Sue North