13/10/18 : Ladies 4 vs Trojans 5

Away - Trojans Club


Won 4 - 0

Our Trio of teenagers take off!
What happened last week no longer matters, as this week was a different ball game!  The girls ran out onto the pitch with only one thing in mind...”oh no we have no subs”, but that didn’t stop our vigour and vivacity. We were up for it and within minutes we had the opposition falling at our feet. But then it wasn’t long before Anne was also falling ....over her feet!! Ahummmm.  Today we jelled, we jollied our sticks, we jigged and jagged and eventually got out just desserts! Fiona .....yes Fiona found the target, not sure why she didn’t use her stick BUT that doesn’t matter....it’s not how you score that’s important it’s the goal that counts and we’ll take that!!
Our defence was unbreakable so much so Izzy got bored and decided to become an outfield player coming out of her goal...Izzy what are you thinking of! But the opposition still couldn’t get past her..excellent play Izzy...of course ....she knew what she was doing!!
1-0 first half!
Second half our confidence was high and a determination was strong, our constant attacking and battling were wearing down the oppositions defence. Rising above Trojans “not so sporting game plan”, we showed OUR game plan which was using our trio of teenagers!!
Sophie, Ava and Jess played with speed, power and grace as they connected with each other. With the assistance of the teams wingers Toni and Fiona allowing the youngsters to take off, Sophie’s shot hit the target and from there nothing was stopping us!
With some excellent team hockey the teenage trio strike again, and before the final whistle we heard the beautiful noise of Sophie scoring again achieving her hat trick, except it was no trick is was pure genius hockey!
Final score 4-0 yeahhh!
DONKEY - ANNE for putting on her mask back to front!
PLAYER - SOPHIE - Well done!!
Toni Taylor 😊


Fiona Horsman 1
Sophie Oliver 3

Player of the Match

Sophie Oliver


Isabel Freemantle