11/10/20 : Girls Under 12 vs Havant U12 Girls

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Won 4 - 2

Havant U12 Girls Match Report 11/10/20.


Away – HMS Temeraire, Portsmouth. 

Friendly Game.  Havant Home Team (Greens) vs Havant Away Team (Whites)


The atmosphere had built all week for this hotly awaited return match of Havant Greens vs Whites.  A huge thanks to Clare for organising this friendly game at HMS Temeraire in Portsmouth, which gave the game a very nautical feel.  As the two opposing Admirals, Reah & Illing organised their young Fleets it was clear from the outset that this would be a very strategic and close formation battle on such a wonderfully clear and sunny day.


Right from the start you could clearly see how the excellent Friday night training sessions were having such a positive effect.  The team formations were very organised, players understood their positional roles, showed good communication skills and looked to pass at every opportunity and quickly!


The teams were so well balanced that for the first 15 minutes you could not see how any team would score, as the defense and midfield units positioned well, shut down space and chased everything!  The deadlock was finally broken by Greens from a penalty corner when Ella sent an accurate pass to Holly who controlled well, took one step and hit a very powerful shot into the goal. 1-0.


Whites came back strong and launched a series of very fluid interlinking attacks. Hannah made some great saves, but on one rebound Simone was well positioned to control well and score 1-1.  A very impressive first 20 minutes, but there was even more to come!


The game kept up its relentless pace and exhilarating end-to-end hockey, but what was really impressive was the growing composure of this young team.  Players feeling comfortable on the ball, controlling the ball well and looking for the quick pass.  This was helped by the very good positional play and each team keeping their shape so well and allowing multiple passing options for every player on the ball.  Chances came at both ends, but Whites had another great passing move using the width of the pitch well for Anna P to score.  As you would expect Greens heads never dropped and following an impressive passage of interlinking passing play Ruthie found space wide and sent a great pass to Lucy in the D to score a very skillful goal 2-2.


The last 20 minutes there was everything to play for and it is clear that not one member of this U12 squad understands the meaning of a “Friendly” match, such is their competitive nature and desire to win.  The two Admirals gave their final commands Admiral Reah utilizing his considerable teaching experience and motivational skills, while Admiral Illing in only his second game as Manager dug deep into his career in Luxury Hotels and gave out oranges to his team as part of the five star Concierge Service.


The two teams work rate was outstanding in this period and every ball was chased and every tackle was tenacious.  As soon as a player won the ball they had options with their team mates running off the ball and shouting eager to receive it.  If there was to be a subtle difference between these two excellent teams today it was in the Whites finishing inside the D and in quite close succession two very well worked passing moves led to Lara and Anna P scoring 4-2.  Greens again came back strong and Ella did hit the post, but Caitlan made some impressive saves to help close out the match.  4-2 win to Whites.


The travelling Havant Supporters were in full voice and were all rather enjoying their luxury seats in the Navy’s pitch side Grandstand to watch.  A big thanks to Nicky and Scott for umpiring today.  It was really helpful that Scott took the time to explain his refereeing decisions to the girls and to provide some valuable extra coaching tips to Admiral Illing on his team’s set piece positioning and this immediately helped the hit out from 16-yard line.


Goals Green    

Holly - 1

Lucy - 1


Goals White

Lara - 1

Simone - 1

Anna P - 2


Players of the Match (Voted by each Team)

Greens – Imogen L & Alice.

Whites – Lara & Caitlan


Looking forward to the next exciting game.  Admiral Illing


Simone Hellyer 1
Holly Illing 1
Lucy Powlesland 1
Anna Parnell 2
Lara O'Dea 1

Player of the Match

Imogen Laycock
Caitlin Ferguson
Lara O'Dea