31/10/20 : Mens 5 vs Southampton 3

Home - Burnaby Road P2


Won 4 - 2

The rain decided to disappear just in time for Havant 5s to face Southampton. The sun was a little low but other than that conditions were good. The teams took to the harder 2nd pitch at Burnaby Road.

Havant had a slightly rearranged team with Harry and Triple H playing in the shield and Ash returning for a full 70 minutes at centre back after an injury. Havant started the game pressing high with lots of space out wide when they had the ball. An early long corner led toa new ball after Luke used his hand to fetch the ball. He did learn from his mistake....eventually.

The game was pretty even in the first half, with Havant not at their best. A conceded short corner led to an opener for Southampton.

A few Southampton players wanted to moan about everything, mainly Lloydie beating them several times which led to one green card.

Ed got injured mid way through the first half and was replaced by Gav who is continuing his return from injury.

Havant won a short corner at which a Southampton defender broke early, leading to him to be sent to the half way line. The corner was taken again and another runner broke early, leading to another short corner with only 2 defenders and the keeper to beat. A straight strike was well defended leading to a 1-0 halftime score.

A half time team talk about how the long crashed ball through to the strikers wasn't working led to much better hockey in the 2nd half.

Some quick passing between the forwards of Breamo, James, Luke, Triple H and Goober led to Lloyide getting Havant's opener. Some more high pressing and quick passing led to Lloydie's 2nd of the afternoon.

Southampton got a chance to equalise when they won a short corner. A nice move left a forward with the goal at his mercy but he decided to hit the first shot into the roof of the goal and it was rightly disallowed.

From the restart Ash did a brilliant aerial to James Healey and some nice play led to Lloydie squaring the ball for Breamo to get on the score sheet. With virtually a repeat move from Ash to the forwards, Lloydie completed his hat trick.

Southampton got a another goal with a well worked short corner routine and a deflection just in front of Weeksy to make the score 4-2.

James Healey seemed determined to beat the Southampton keeper at his near post but to no avail. Southampton applied some pressure towards the end of the game but Harry dropped deeper in the shield and with Ash, Gav and Andy Beams, they were able to keep the score at 4-2, with Weeksy able to clean up anything that got past the defensive line.

Havant finish on a high with a good set of results before the covid break and will be raring to go if/when the season restarts. 


Andrew Lloyd 3
Ben Bream 1

Man of the Match

Dave Le Poidevin