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Club President
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Chair of Hockey
Director of Finance
Director of Development Projects
Club Secretary & Communications Director
Coaching Director
Youth Talent Programme Director
Commercial Director
New Facilities Director
Facilities Director
Social Director
House Director
Umpire Director
Membership Secretary
Match Secretary
Safeguarding Officers
Goalkeeper Coach
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David Faulkner
Christopher Pickett
Jenny Bulled Davies
Paul Marks
Stuart Rowe
Barry Bradley
Peter Symonds
Peter Beard
Alex Leach
Tim Clark
Robin Johns
Barry Bradley
Bruce Christie
Colin Bullimore
Stuart Rowe
Rob Duffy
Sara Walsh / Nick Hoare
Nick Hoare
Jack Davies
Lucy Sharp
Alex Rennie
Izzy Parry / Alice Worsley
Sharman Callam
Barry Bradley

Mens Mens Club Captain

Mens 1
Mens 2
Mens 3
Mens 4
Mens 5
Mens 6
Mens Veterans (Bees)
Over 60s
Mens Veterans (Cavaliers)
Mens Indoor
Mens 1 Summer League
Mens 2 Summer League
Gavin Lane

Steven Lawson
Simon Harris / John Young
Andrew Lloyd
Alex Rennie
Nav Dhillon
Kevin Davies
Martin Bargent
Nigel Guppy
Bruce Christie
James Mead
Harry Walter
Adam Bloomfield
James Mead
James Mead
Ladies Ladies Club Captain
Vice Captain
Chair of Selection

Ladies 1
Ladies 2
Ladies 3
Ladies 3A
Ladies 4
Ladies Summer Hockey
Sue Robinson
Laura Briggs
Susannah Cater
Sue North
Helen Harrison

Nicky Wright
Dee Ballard / Sam Ayres
Louise Davey
Helen Harrison
Megan Taylor
James Mead
Katherine Fowler
Juniors Juniors Club Captain
Junior Secretary
Treasurer & Membership Secretary
Community Coaching Coordinator

Minis - Under 8
Minis - Under 10
Boys Under 12
Boys Under 14
Boys Under 16
Boys Under 18
Girls Under 12
Girls Under 14
Girls Under 16
Girls Under 18
James Mead
Helen Watson
Sara Lasrado
Jon Keynes

Neil Letchford
Neil Letchford
Martin Farrer
Michelle Waktare
Alan Walton
Craig Stevens
James Mead / Martyn Reah
Nick Martin
Peter Oliver
Nicky Wright