Club Mark

Havant Hockey Club is seen and respected as a senior club not just in the South of England but also UK wide.  As such we retain the highest of standards both on and off the field of play.  In order to maintain our standards we need to remain accredited to the England Hockey recognised system now known as CLUB MARK, this accreditation has replaced Clubs First.

It is the Club’s intention to achieve this important new standard over the coming months.  The criteria we are to achieve are not merely about systems and procedures and the necessary documentation, it is about WHAT WE DO BOTH ON AND OFF THE FIELD OF PLAY.

The benefits include enhancing our ability to attract, retain and support the best players, coaches, umpires, managers and leaders available within the club and in the wider hockey community.  In other words, it is a tool for us to regularly refer to so that we can support and attract the best talent there is around.

Firstly, Geoff Newbold has stepped up to be the Club’s prime contact with England Hockey (EH) for this activity.  As our nominated representative he will receive guidance from EH and our Regional contacts and report through to the Vice Chair of the Club.  As appropriate, he will produce a report showing the rate of progress and challenges to be overcome.  Documentation updates by Pete Symonds and IT support from Barry Bradley are already underway and with Geoff are starting to make early progress.   All leaders of teams and sections will need to be involved to create/update/review some of the documentation and action plans. Your support and commitment to this vital endeavour is essential and we feel sure you will be there when needed.

There are further benefits which will support our ambitious development plans.  Being accredited will allow us to have greater leverage from funding bodies such as EH and Sport England.  It will add weight to any approaches to banks or businesses or others such as the Local Authority when our development plan requires such approaches.  

It is genuinely a useful tool for us and invaluable in our quest to grow and meet our ambitious targets.  Please do all you can, when approached, to support this initiative.

              David Faulkner                                                          Chris Pickett
              PRESIDENT                                                                CHAIRMAN

Author - Peter Symonds
Date - 12/09/18