Your Club needs you!!!

The Club has vacancies in 2 very important roles.

Vacancy – Umpire Director

After 30 years in the role, Colin Bullimore will step down at the end of the season. The search is now on for his successor.  The official description of the role is set out below, though I’m sure a brief chat with Colin will bring it to life for you much better. It obviously helps for the role holder to be an umpire, though it’s not essential, provided you have a keen interest in the game.

The role is an important one within the club. If we don’t find a successor, there are a number of implications, namely:

  • More responsibility will fall on other club officials and team managers for liaison with umpiring bodies.
  • Teams with no appointed umpires will have to make their own arrangements to find an umpire. That might include players umpiring their own matches.

Colin is away for the next few weeks on holiday, though I’m sure he’ll be happy to respond to an email enquiry. Otherwise, if you are tempted to take on the role, get in touch with Paul Marks, Chair of Hockey – or 07429 133256.

Role Description – Umpire Director

The Umpire Director is responsible for the co-ordination of umpires across the Men’s and Ladies sections. Within the Junior Section, the Junior Managers identify and assign umpires to matches, referring to Director for reference as necessary. The Director:

  • Keeps a record of umpires available within the club;
  • Coordinates allocation of umpires to club matches where county umpires are not allocated;
  • Acts as a point of contact for the England Hockey and the local Umpire Associations;
  • Shares important information with club umpires about rule changes, clarifications, updates on game management techniques and discipline;
  • Promotes the values of the game;
  • Provides advice to Section Captains and Disciplinary Officer on disciplinary matters, e.g. red cards;

In addition the Umpire Director is responsible for the development of new and existing umpires within the club: 

  • Acts a centre of excellence within the club on hockey rules, umpiring courses and the advancement of umpires into county and national associations;
  • Organises at least annually an umpiring course for new umpires;
  • Performs assessments of trainee umpires to assist them to qualify;
  • Helps club umpires and any potential umpires develop their skills and confidence;
  • Mentors umpires and assists them to achieve higher qualification, e.g. advancement into county associations.




Vacancy – Club Welfare Officer (Safeguarding)

At the end of the season, Sara Walsh will step down as one of our Club Welfare Officers. For the past few seasons, Sara has focused on ensuring the club can demonstrate it does all that is necessary to deliver a safe environment for its junior players. A fuller description of the role can be found below. Sara will also work with her successor to assist in a smooth transition into the role.

This is an essential role within the club. If we fail to find a successor, we couldn’t run a junior section or have junior players in any of the senior teams. In other words, we’d become an adult only club. It’s that important a role.

If this is something you feel you could take on, get in touch with Sara Walsh or speak to Paul Marks, Chair of Hockey – or 07429 133256.

Role Description – Club Welfare Officer (Safeguarding)

This role requires certain specific knowledge;

  • Knowledge of EH’s current Child Welfare Policy & Procedures;
  • Knowledge of core legislation, government guidance and national framework for child protection;
  • Basic knowledge of roles and responsibilities of local statutory agencies (social services, police and Area Child Protection Committees);
  • EHB’s and the club’s role and responsibilities to safeguard the welfare of children and young people and the boundaries of the club welfare officer role;
  • Awareness of equalities issues and child protection.

The Club Welfare Officer:

  • Assists the officers of the club to fulfil their responsibilities to safeguard children and young people;
  • Assists the officers of the club to implement the child welfare section (including training) of the development plan;
  • Is the first point of contact for staff, volunteers, parents and children/young people where concerns about children’s welfare, poor practice or child abuse are identified;
  • Manages DBS requirements for the Club as necessary;
  • Is first point of contact with EH’s Child Welfare Officer;
  • Implements EH’s reporting and recording procedures;
  • Maintains contact details for local social services, police and the Area Child Protection Committee;
  • Promotes EH’s best practice guidance/code of ethics & behaviour within the club and anti-discriminatory practice;
  • Ensures confidentiality is maintained when appropriate.
Training for the role is available from England Hockey which is funded by the Club.

The Club owes great thanks to both Colin and Sara for all their support in these 2 very important roles.

Paul Marks
Chair of Hockey


Author - Paul Marks
Date - 20/02/19