Another Injury Prevention Workshop for Juniors - Tuesday 19 March

We are repeating the Injury Prevention workshop to allow more juniors to benefit from attending.

We have decided to repeat the Injury Prevention workshop for Juniors. The key facts:

Date - Tuesday 19 March
Place: Havant Clubhouse
Time: 6.30pm till 8.00pm

The first workshop was so well received, we have asked Sarah Bamford to repeat it as we believe the key messages and learning should be heard and experienced by more of our junior players. In particular, we'd like to see some of our junior girls come along this time. If you want to know a little more of what the evening will cover, speak to Alex Leach, Craig Stevens, Alan Walton or Jon Keynes, who all came along to the first one.

Sarah has a wealth of experience working both in the NHS, as a specialist paediatric physiotherapist, and in professional sport, working with the Salford Reds Rugby League team. She was also a talented, multi-sport, junior athlete herself and openly shares the challenges she faced at that time of her life.

Parents, managers and coaches are very much encouraged to attend.

Juniors - get your homework done early, book your 'Mum or Dad taxi' and get down to the clubhouse on Tuesday 19 March.
Author - Paul Marks
Date - 07/03/19