Pro League at The Stoop

England Hockey are looking to make the game at The Stoop, which sees both the Men and Women face New Zealand, a very special day.  There is an opportunity to make this a record breaking event.  If we fill The Stoop this will be the biggest gate for a Men’s match outside The Olympics 😉. If we were to fill The Stoop there would be more people than there were at last year’s Women’s World Cup Final, can you imagine what the atmosphere will be like?

Tickets are selling well but we would like to ask for your help to circulate to your membership and post on social media. We would like to encourage clubs to bring teams, groups, familiy and be part of this fantastic day.  Filling this stadium is a very exciting prospect and it could pave the way to more opportunity to put hockey on the road and in more stadia going forward so you and your club could be part of changing hockey and they way people access it going forward.

Here is the link please do your bit and get everyone talking about The Stoop.

Author - Peter Symonds
Date - 23/05/19