Clubmark award confirmed

On behalf of the Executive I am pleased to announce that the Club has obtained the England Hockey CLUBMARK accreditation at the first pass.  

This is the latest quality standard to be offered by England Hockey and carries with it considerable advantages.  CLUBMARK opens doors to our marketing and recruitment of players of all ages and levels and it provides a high standard to offer to sponsors, partners and potential funding sources.  For further background on this award please follow the link

The standard was achieved via outstanding teamwork from a number of members.  The Executive played a vital role by actively supporting and contributing to the variety of evidence required to make the grade.

As coordinator, I wish to thank in particular Peter Symonds and Barry Bradley for their commitment and sustained input during the assessment of our evidence.  This achievement compliments the Club’s vision and ambition to be a progressive and high achieving Club.

Geoff Newbold
Clubmark Coordinator

Author - Peter Symonds
Date - 28/05/19