Relaxation of Covid Restrictions from 17 May 2021

With national restrictions easing from 17 May, spectators are once again welcome at Havant College. Plus it is expected that car sharing will also be permitted.

Good news. With the national easing of Covid regulations, spectators are once again welcome at Havant College. Please remember to maintain social distancing and do not gather in groups of more than thirty. There is also an expectation that the restrictions on car sharing will be lifted. This will ease logistical issues associated with travel to matches. 

Other Covid restrictions associated with hockey remain. In particular please remember the following:

Participants (Players, Coaches, Mamagers and Umpires)

  • Come to matches changed and ready to play.
  • Shower at home after playing
  • Changing rooms are open though use should be kept to the minimum
  • For training sessions, continue to use the club's mobile app to register your attendance
  • For matches, make sure you are included on the team list on the club's team management system
  • Maintain social distancing before, during breaks and after play
  • Sanitise key touch points around the pitch


  • Use the NHS Test and Trace app to register your attendance at the pitch. The QR code is close to the pitch entrance.
If you wish to read the full communication from England Hockey, here is the link:,7DCJO,GFZ2PH,TX28O,1

Play safely

Paul Marks
Chair of Hockey and Club Covid Officer

Author - Paul Marks
Date - 16/05/21