Welcome to the Junior Section

“Havant Hockey Club provides a fully inclusive junior section offering high quality coaching within a safe, fun, rewarding and appropriately challenging environment, supporting all players to become the best they can be both as an individual and within the team, as well as encouraging very close involvement of all parents in seeking to promote and to improve the opportunities and experiences that can be offered by Havant Hockey Club”.

The Club has an enormous amount to be proud of and the Junior Section is the portal through which a huge number of members join, thereby beginning very long connections with the Club. Therefore, it has always been seen to be vital that the very youngest member of Havant should learn what is expected. Opponents should be well-entertained and should enjoy playing against us. Also on the pitch they should be given every respect as we set out to beat them as well as we can. Havant has one of the larger junior sections in the country; currently there are more than 200 members from 5 to 18 years old, but size is not everything. We aim to ensure the continuity of top-quality Hockey for all members.

Havant – The Family Club

As with so many organisations like this, there are always fantastic examples of cross generation involvement and links.

At Havant we are no different, with so many families starting their sports experience in the Minis and moving through the Junior Section and onto senior play. It is always great to see mums and dads playing their own hockey, whilst helping to develop and nurture the enthusiasm of their children. Older siblings continue to volunteer and assist in coaching as well as supporting the fantastic work done by the club in our Community. This is the bedrock of any Club.

It is so easy to see why Junior members come home to pursue their adult game whilst giving back to the Junior Section and we hope that this will continue to grow as a culture.

Please do get in contact via email and start your journey with us!

The Off-Pitch Programme

The Off-Pitch Programme aims to provide young players with an insight into topics that can help their development as athletes and confident individuals. We aim to provide sessions to encourage discussions and thinking in a supportive environment. Sessions will be targeted at the Under 14 and Under 16 age groups but other Juniors and Parents are welcome. The bar will be open with food available.

Bookings may be required so please speak to your Team Manager to register your interest.

The schedule for 2023/24 season will be released soon.

Honours Board

2022-23     Under 16 Girls      National Finals – Tier 1 Plate Runners-up
2021-22     Under 16 Girls      National Finals – Tier 2 Plate Champions
2021-22     Under 18 Boys      National Finals – Tier 2 Runners-up
2021-22     Under 12 Girls      National Finals – In2Hockey
2017-18     Under 18 Boys      National Finals – Tier 2 Runners-up
2016-17     Under 16 Boys      National Finals – 4th Place
2015-16     Under 16 Boys      National Finals
2014-15     Under 14 Boys      National Finals
2013-14     Under 16 Boys      National Finals
2012-13     Under 18 Boys      National Indoor Finalists
2012-13     Under 16 Boys      National Indoor Finalists
2012-13     Under 14 Boys      National Finals Runners-up
2011-12     Under 18 Boys      National Indoor Runners-up
2011-12     Under 16 Boys      National Indoor Champions
2010-11     Under 16 Boys      National Indoor Finalists
2007-08     Under 18 Boys      National Plate Champions
2004-05     Under 16  Boys     National Indoor Champions
2003-04     Under 15  Boys     National Semi-finalists
2000-01     Under 18  Boys     National Champions 
1999-00     Under 16  Boys     National Finals Runners-up

Most recent internationals.  England unless otherwise stated.

2023 Ben Hegan Under 18
2022 Ben Hegan Under 16
2021 Connor Lasrado Under 19 Wales
2020 Harry Croft-Baker Under 18
2019 Harry Croft-Baker Under 18
2018 Louis Wrenn Under 18
2017 Jemma Woods Under 16
Louis Wrenn Under 16
2016 Ethan Hoddle Under 16
2015 Laurie Bowden Under 18
Tomek Bruml Under 16
2014 Oliver Nail Under 18
Tomek Bruml Under 16
2013 Oliver Nail Under 18
Charlie Stubbings Under 18
Laurie Bowden Under 16
Joseph Brown Under 16
Anna Reynolds Under 16
2012 Daniel Faulkner Under 18
Sam Hatherley Under 18
Ben Mackey Under 18
Charlie Stubbings Under 18
Rebecca Van Berkel Under 18
Oliver Nail Under 16
2011 Daniel Faulkner Under 18
Sam Hatherley Under 18
Ben Mackey Under 18
Rebecca Van Berkel Under 18
Oliver Nail Under 16
Charlie Stubbings Under 16