Laly’s Pharmacy

With a 40 year history in community healthcare, Lalys are one of the fastest growing pharmacy brands in the UK. We are committed to fulfilling prescriptions, providing healthcare services and constantly exploring how we can best support patients, GPs and partners across the NHS and health sector.

As well as being Main Sponsors of HHC, covering both the Mens and Women’s XI’s, Lalys also sponsor our juniors, and our community programme visiting schools in the area.

Lalys have been providing community pharmacy services for over 40 years now, having first set up in the 1980s. Starting as a small, family business in the Portsmouth area, Lalys have grown recently, pushing into wider Hampshire, Surrey and Dorset. With a specific family focus, Lalys are fully immersed in the locality in where they are providing community pharmacy services and despite growing rapidly, continue to pride itself on its independent and family focused values. As well as dispensing and advice, more recently, Lalys have started providing additional clinical services. These include blood pressure monitoring, travel advice and vaccinations, and smoking cessation services. Lalys Pharmacy operate under the parent company, JCL UK Ltd.

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