Intro to Umpiring Course

If you’ve ever looked at an umpire and thought ‘I could do that’, then here’s your chance!
First Friday of every month, 6-7.30pm (during U12 training).

This is an introduction to umpiring course, to teach the basics – rules, positioning, game management, and give you a gentle intro to blowing a whistle.

You might be a parent who wants to help out (let’s face it, it can get very cold on the sidelines), a captain who knows your team should help with umpiring commitments or a player who thinks this could be a great way to help the club and gain a better understanding of the rules.

From this course, we will build you a pathway to umpiring matches with a mentor, taking the online EH Level 1 course and beyond if you wish to go further.

To help us plan, please let your team captain or manager know or contact Scott directly.